Elementum Metals is the issuer of this range of Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). This range of innovative products designed to track the performance of six metals which have all been sustainably sourced. These metals are vital for the transition to a net zero carbon economy, and make use of innovative blockchain technology to enhance investor transparency and security.

Elementum Metals ETCs are linked to six specific metals - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel and Copper – due to their importance in the transition from consumption of fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources. From Solar Energy to Electric Vehicles, each metal will see steadily increasing demand in the coming years as they are used increasingly in critical emerging technologies.

As well as supporting the UN Sustainability Goals as outlined by the UN 2030 Agenda, Elementum Metals is committed to adhering to the specifications as outlined by the LBMA, LPPM and LME. Precious metals are held in secure vaults in London and Zurich, and base metals in Rotterdam in LME-authorised warehouses.

Furthermore, Elementum Metals has set out to pioneer the use of Distributed Ledger Technology in the commodity markets, to allow investors unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and convenience in their metals trading. The information stored on blockchain, including the provenance and sustainability, gives investors complete peace of mind to include the metals in any portfolio, even those with high ESG standards.

The six metals themselves will come to define global markets over the years to come, and Elementum Metals is committed to offering investors easy access to these exciting trends.