Why invest in Elementum Metals ETCs?

Physically backed exposure to critical minerals for the energy transition

Analysis from bodies such as the International Energy Agency shows that there will be significant growth in demand for metals that are needed to support the energy transition to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the energy mix.

There are a number of challenges on the supply side to meet the forecast growth in demand. These include:

  1. Commodity price levels too low to justify undertaking development projects

  2. Ability of mines to finance projects because of negative ESG screening

  3. Lead time to develop new projects rising because of complexity and length of permitting process

  4. Mining companies’ concerns about resource nationalism, such as tax regimes becoming more onerous

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Four reasons that make Elementum Metals ETCs the right choice:

1. Daily liquidity

Access to daily liquidity is important to all institutional investors. This is made available through the primary market that references an industry benchmark to establish the daily value per ETC security.

Primary Market Trading

2. ETCs built on industry partnerships

Elementum ‘s specialisation is transition metals is based on partnerships with integrated and specialist mining companies, as well as commodity trading houses and operators of secure bonded warehouses.

Excellent Provenance

3. Physical backing of energy transition metals

A daily record of the metal held in warehouses is published on the Elementum website. The physical exposure enables investors to participate in the movement of the spot price of a particular metal less the total expense ratio (TER).

Warehouse stored

4. Low cost access

These ETCs have lower Total Expense Ratios (TERs) than those listed ETCs providing exposure to futures-based commodity exposures.

Low TERs