Elementum Physical Gold ETC

Cash Value

Shares Outstanding

Total AUM


ETC Overview
Base CurrencyUSD
Currency HedgedNo
Metals LendingNo
Physical DeliveryYes
Underlying ExposurePhysically backed with allocated metal subject to LBMA rules for Good Delivery
Vault/Warehouse InspectorInspectorate International
Vault/Warehouse LocationLondon and Switzerland
Cash Value and AUM02 Dec 2022
Cash Value per ETC Security$17.8040
Daily Change$-0.1836
Daily Return-1.02%
Total AUM of ETC$3,097,896.00
Shares Outstanding174,000
Metal/Index Quantity1,735.76 fine troy oz
Metal/Index Entitlement0.0099756326
(0.01 at launch)
Metal/Index Price$1,784.75
Replication MethodPhysical - bullion backed
Legal FormDebt Security
Legal StructureETC
Further Legal and Tax Information
ISA & SIPPEligible
Sharia CompliantNo
Securities RegulatorCentral Bank of Ireland
UCITS EligibleEligible
UK Reporting StatusYes
Key Service Providers
CustodianEternyze AG
TrusteeApex Corporate Trustees (UK) Limited
IssuerElementum Metals Securities plc
RegistrarThe Bank of New York Mellon, SA/NV
Total Expense Ratio0.12%
Entry / Exit FeesNone when traded on Exchange
Passported Countries
Austria Belgium
Denmark Finland
Germany Italy
Liechtenstein Luxembourg
The Netherlands Norway
Sweden United Kingdom

Listings & Codes

Country Exchange Trading Currency Exchange Ticker ISIN SEDOL WKN Bloomberg Ticker Settlement Period Reuters Instrument Code Listing Date
Germany Xetra EUR 0IIA XS2265368097 A3GNPX 0IIA GY T+2 0IIAG.DE 18/01/2021
UK LSE USD TGLD XS2265368097 BMYCKG1 TGLD LN T+2 TGLD.L 20/01/2021
UK LSE GBX TAUS XS2265368097 BKQMVS4 TAUS LN T+2 TAUS.L 09/04/2021
Switzerland SIX CHF TGLD XS2265368097 58961848 TGLD SW T+2 TGLD.S 15/06/2021
Italy Borsa Italiana EUR TGLD XS2265368097 TGLD IM T+2 TGLD.MI 17/06/2021


1m 6.58%
3m 4.28%
6m -3.32%
1 Year0.85%
2 YearN/A
1m 6.59%
3m 4.31%
6m -3.26%
1 Year0.97%
2 Year-3.16%

Underlying Holdings

Spot metal specifications

Index NameSpot Gold LBMA specifications
Index ProviderLBMA
Index Constituent Count1
Bloomberg TickerGOLDLNPM
Reuters Index TickerXAU=
Index Websitehttp://www.lbma.org.uk


Commodities in Focus

Jim Rogers and Clive Hale discuss commodities, index selection and the best motorbike to ride around the world 🌎

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Comprendere l'universo delle materie prime [Webinar in Italian]

Le materie prime rappresentano una componente importantissima di ogni economia moderna. Esse possono essere raggruppate in sotto-insiemi molto diversi fra di loro, per caratteristiche ed utilizzo. Ricordiamo ad esempio le derrate agricole, le risorse energetiche e i metalli. In questo seminario cercheremo di capire quali sono le alternative disponibili per potere investire in questa asset class.

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Inflazione alle stelle: le materie prime sono di aiuto [Webinar in Italian]

Webinar in cui mostriamo come, in praticamente ogni circostanza di mercato, investire in materie prime consente di ottenere una copertura adeguata dagli effetti dell'inflazione inaspettata

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Setting the Bullion Standard - LBMA and Clearing System

With the current turbulent times facing us as consumers and investors, inflation rates hitting a 40-year high, and enhanced shifts to higher base rates, Gold investment is something that cannot be ignored. It is important and relevant to understand how the Gold market functions and the precious metal is traded and cleared.

More Information


Metals and Medicine

The medical industry is a key source of demand for gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. As spending on healthcare provision and R&D becomes ever more vital in the face of an ageing population, this demand may be set to increase in years to come.

Metals and Mining Series - 3/4

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Skyrocketing Inflation - Commodities to the Rescue?

An insight into input cost inflation, and how an increase in such creates a feedback loop for inflation as a whole. Can commodities help your portfolio outperform inflation when traditional assets are struggling?

Benefits of Commodity Investing Series - 3/4

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Understanding the Commodities Universe - Softs, Hards, Ags

Commodities are an asset class that can prove challenging for investors but one that can bring potential diversification benefits to portfolios at times of broader market stress.

Investing in Commodities Series - 1/4

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2022 Metals Outlook w/ CRU

In this second instalment of our Outlook series, NTree's Head of Research, Hamad Ebrahim and CRU's Director, Paul Robinson discuss the past, present, and future trends in the metals markets, particularly precious and base metals.

Paul has over 25 years’ experience in commodity industries working across the metals, mining, and power sectors. He is a member of CRU’s Group Executive and works on M&A activities and broader business development opportunities for the company.

Professional investors can expect to gain an insight on the precious and base metals markets into the next year, and the future technology causing the headwinds in commodity consumption. Additionally, what metals may benefit from a stronger ESG focus through clean energy technologies.

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Gold: A Timeless Diversifier

Investors remain concerned about short-term volatility, the risks of a broad market correction and delays to the much-awaited economic recovery. Inflation continues to dominate as a primary concern and as a natural consequence, investors are seeking ways to protect against it. Join NTree’s Head of Research, Hamad Ebrahim and the World Gold Council’s Chief Market Strategist, John Reade, for a lively discussion on gold’s role as an effective portfolio diversifier and how it can help contribute to the overall health of a portfolio – reducing volatility, increasing liquidity, and enhancing risk-adjusted returns. Professional investors can expect to leave with a better understanding of how their investment strategy may benefit over the next decade by including gold.

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The RICI Architect: A Discussion with Jim Rogers

The architect of the best performing commodity index, Jim Rogers shares his unique perspective on the past, present and future of the global commodity market. Realising that traditional commodity indexes did not represent the wider market, Jim created the RICI to represent real global consumption. Jim Rogers is joined by NTree’s CEO, Tim Harvey and China Post Global’s Danny Dolan, to discuss the unique methodology of the RICI index and the potential of a commodity supercycle. Topics include:

  • The importance of commodities for the global economy
  • The commodities which withstood the pandemic, and those that performed poorly, and;
  • The outlook for the commodity market, and whether we are in the midst of a supercycle

Professional investors can expect to gain an insight on the future of the commodity markets.

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Basel III - Clarifying the Misconceptions

Basel III is a set of international regulatory rules based on bank adequacy, stress testing and general market liquidity. It aims to improve the 3 key features of regulation, supervision and risk management of banks. Being implemented in Europe in June 2021 - there is no better time to understand what this means for the price of precious metals.

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The Outlook for Precious and Base Metals with Paul Robinson, CRU

Hamad Ebrahim, NTree’s head of research, in discussion Paul Robinson, Director, CRU. Covering the outlook for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and nickel as well as whether a commodity supercycle has begun or not.

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Spotlight Series V: Gold - More than Just an Inflation Hedge

One of the biggest stories of 2020, Gold has hit new heights in value in recent months. Far more than just a currency and a reliable store of value, it is also seeing growing demand for applications in electronics and industry.

In this instalment of Metal.Digital’s Spotlight Series, we examine some of the less-heralded uses of Gold, focusing primarily on its applications in the transition to a fully electrified economy, and how Gold may be used as part of a diversified investment strategy.

Take a look at the BrightTALK page below for more information, and to register for the free webinar.

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2020: A Great Year for Metals?

The turbulence of 2020’s Coronavirus crisis has meant that many asset classes have experienced a great deal of volatility this year, but certain metals have offered strong returns. Both as directional trades, diversifiers, and inflation hedges, metals can be attractive to investors of all stripes, not least as that turbulence looks set to continue into 2021.

Professional investors will leave with a better understanding of the key trends of 2020, equipping them to better understand the commodities market in 2021.

Take a look at the event page over on BrightTALK for more information on this free webinar.

More Information

Future Metals: Gold (Au)

The precious metal Gold was first smelted in the stone age. Today, only a tenth of Gold consumption comes from industry. The remainder is divided mainly into jewellery and investment. The price stability behind gold and its use in consumer good production, makes it a metal for the future.

Gold: Past, Present and Future

The history, properties and investment case behind the precious metal Gold. The earliest records of Gold stretch all the way back to 6000BC, and by the 16th Century gold mining intensified. Now in the 20th century, Gold is equalising the cash balance due to its uses in investment, jewellery and industry.


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