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Metal Exposures vs Mining Equities - Understanding the different Dynamics

Back when Nirvana was No. 1 in the charts, most investors’ ability to invest in commodities was limited to investing in oil and gas companies and miners. The new millennium saw the arrival of Exchange Traded Products that provided access to commodities both through indices priced off futures and physically-backed products provided exposure to individual metals.

Investing in Commodities Series - 2/4

Webinar 05/05/22

Understanding the Commodities Universe - Softs, Hards, Ags

Commodities are an asset class that can prove challenging for investors but one that can bring potential diversification benefits to portfolios at times of broader market stress.

Investing in Commodities Series - 1/4

Webinar 03/05/22

Looking Back - What can we learn from previous Bull and Bear Markets?

Bull and bear markets are completely different beasts and as an investor, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Introduction to Investing Series - 4/4

Webinar 28/04/22

The Pros and Cons of Alternatives - Commodities, Real Estate, Hedge Funds

Alternative investments are supplemental strategies to traditional investments and include investments in five main categories: hedge funds, private capital, natural resources, real estate, and infrastructure. They have a low correlation to standard asset classes.

Introduction to Investing Series - 3/4

Webinar 26/04/22

'To Track or not to Track?' - Index Trackers vs Active Management

The debate over the respective merits and shortcomings of active and passive investment management spans over decades and it remains one of the most divisive issues in the world of investing.

Introduction to Investing Series - 2/4

Webinar 21/04/22

Will the Russian Invasion of Ukraine delay Net Zero?

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine has precipitated a humanitarian catastrophe and thrown many world markets into turmoil. Much of the global response has been in the form of sanctions, which have put pressure on energy supplies and put the future of many mineral inputs under the spotlight.

In this webinar, we examine the ramifications of the war from a net zero perspective. Will the sanctions delay the drive to net zero? How might global commodities markets be disrupted? Will the war itself distract governments from the importance of decarbonisation? Is the end of globalisation nigh, and what effect might this have on the green agenda?

Webinar 19/04/22

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification

Asset allocation involves dividing your investments among different assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash.

Introduction to Investing Series - 1/4

Webinar 19/04/22

The Carbon Footprint of Mining

In the drive towards Net Zero, it has become increasingly important for mining companies to provide key metals in a sustainable way. Nornickel – the world’s largest miner of class 1 Nickel and Palladium, and a major producer of Cobalt, Copper and Platinum – is a frontrunner in green mining initiatives, with the company’s President calling on all miners to limit dividend payouts in favour of green capex. Already with some of the lowest CO2 intensity in the industry, Nornickel are further showing how the industry can be decarbonised. Join NTree’s CEO, Tim Harvey and Nornickel’s VP of Sales, Anton Berlin, to discuss the process of reducing the environmental impact of extraction, production, and reclamation.

Webinar 23/02/22

Metals Driving the Electric Vehicle Revolution

With the potential to reduce emissions and address climate change, electric vehicle infrastructure is set to become a dominant technology in the coming decades. Global economies are quickly joining the campaign to electrify the roads and create a more sustainable future. The advancement of battery technology and charging infrastructure are accelerating the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. Numerous metals look to benefit from this transition.

Join Tim Harvey, CEO of NTree International and Geoffrey Post, Director at Pelter Street Associates, to discuss the metals vital to this change and how to prepare your portfolio for the EV transition.

Webinar 16/02/22

Tokenisation of Real World Assets

Some assets are illiquid by nature. Tokenisation of these assets ensure liquidity and greater access to a broad range of investment techniques. Arno Pernthaler, Head of Business Development at Atomyze, discusses the future of tokenisation, its ability to provide an additional layer of security in asset securitization and its potential uses. Investors can expect to gain an insight on the uses of tokenised assets, the different asset classes affected, and how tokenisation can provide ESG, provenance and emissions information on the blockchain.

Webinar 26/01/22