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Everything you need to know about Metals and Net Zero (but were afraid to ask)

The last century and more of the global economy has been defined by fossil fuels. That age is now over, and a new age is beginning. Whilst humans have been making extensive use of metals for millennia, this intensity is set to explode in the coming decades.

Metals and Mining Series - 4/4

Webinar 09/06/22

Metals and Medicine

The medical industry is a key source of demand for gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. As spending on healthcare provision and R&D becomes ever more vital in the face of an ageing population, this demand may be set to increase in years to come.

Metals and Mining Series - 3/4

Webinar 07/06/22

How Clean is Mining anyway? Green Capex in the Extractive Industries

A discussion of the environmental impact of mining companies, as well as an overview of the green capital projects that these companies are undertaking to diminish this impact.

Metals and Mining Series - 2/4

Webinar 02/06/22

Four Metals Shaping the Modern Economy

We look at some of the four most prominent metals in the new world economy, examining why copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum could be ones to watch over the coming years.

Metals and Mining Series - 1/4

Webinar 31/05/22

How to Insulate your Portfolio in Times of Geopolitical Tension

Heightened geopolitical risk usually causes investors to seek asylum through "safe haven" assets. Of course, no asset is "safe" as prices do fluctuate. However, these assets further diversify ones portfolio and are beneficial in times of market volatility.

Benefits of Commodity Investing Series - 4/4

Webinar 26/05/22

Skyrocketing Inflation - Commodities to the Rescue?

An insight into input cost inflation, and how an increase in such creates a feedback loop for inflation as a whole. Can commodities help your portfolio outperform inflation when traditional assets are struggling?

Benefits of Commodity Investing Series - 3/4

Webinar 24/05/22

Equity Risk in Commodity Bull Markets

Tax and nationalisation risks impact valuation prices for mining equities when commodity prices themselves might be rising. Is it best to hedge mining exposure with direct metal investment?

Benefits of Commodity Investing Series - 2/4

Webinar 19/05/22

Spreading out the Risk: Commodities as Portfolio Diversifiers

Can an allocation in commodities improve diverisification efforts within a portfolio?

Benefits of Commodity Investing Series - 1/4

Webinar 17/05/22

Commodity Exposure and the Energy Transition

The webinar will show how the energy transition is by its nature metal intensive and while investors have seized the opportunity through investments in thematic equities, there is a question as to whether they have overlooked the strategic significance of the role of commodities and the investment opportunity they represent.

Investing in Commodities Series - 4/4

Webinar 12/05/22

Commodity exposure via spot- and synthetic-based solutions

The webinar will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the different structures available to take exposure to commodities and highlight some of the factors that investors need to consider when choosing a particular product.

Investing in Commodities Series - 3/4

Webinar 10/05/22